Enjoy the art you love at a fraction of the price
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Lease my art from $20 to $250 a month !

Enjoy art rotation benefits...

Lease it, Swap it or Buy it or Leave it!

Marilyn Forever

How much does it cost to lease an artwork?

Art lease pricing is based on the purchase price of the artwork, the location (shipping-installation), the current insurance of the lessee and the duration of the lease.

For example, an artwork worth $3,000 the lease per month for a one year term would be $100.

How long is the lease agreement?

3 to 24 months agreements. The longer is the lease the lowest is the monthly price.

What happened at the end of the lease?

15 days before the end of the lease we will ask you to decide about 3 options below:

  • You want to swap your artwork for a new one: you select a new artwork, a new lease is signed and we swap it
  • You don’t want to keep the artwork: we pick it up for free
  • You want to buy the artwork: the price you will purchase will be the price on the lease agreement deducted by the total amount paid monthly during the lease agreement.

What about the insurance?

Included into the monthly lease.

What about the delivery?

Included into the monthly lease.

What about the installation?

Included into the monthly lease.

What about an exhibit?

A flat fee will be defined according to the number of artwork, the location and the duration of the exhibit.

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